Applications: Tiles and Pavers, Timber Decking, Steel Grating, Staging, Water Features, Internal Floors

Buzon Height Adjustable Pedestals
Raising Paved Floors and Timber Decks on Balconies, Podiums and Roof Tops to a New Level!

AUSDRAIN is proud to be the only distributor for Buzon pedestals in New South Wales and the ACT. The award-winning Buzon Pedestal has been designed and engineered for use in conjunction with paving, timber decking and steel grating to create raised floors on balconies, terraces, green roofs, temporary floors and water features. Available in a range of adjustable heights from 17mm to 850mm, the pedestals create a void between the waterproof membrane and the floor that accommodates and conceals services and also offers easy and cost-effective access for maintenance when required. Most importantly, in the case of a leak, the pavers or timber decking can be easily removed to locate and repair the leak with minimal effort, cost or disruption to the building area. The Buzon Pedestal incorporates a patented slope correcting device, which compensates for a substrate fall of 0 – 5%, to provide a perfectly level floor finish. The interchangeable spacer tabs allow for 2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm gaps between the pavers providing positive drainage and making uneven paving lines a thing of the past! Buzon Pedestals are designed, manufactured and tested in Belgium and are capable of supporting up to 1000kg. The extensive range of pedestals and accessories offers designers and installers the scope to create a permanent and guaranteed solution for a variety of applications.

- Designed and manufactured in Belgium
- Made from 5mm thick 80% recycled polypropylene
- 2, 3, 4.5, 6, 8 & 10mm Paver Spacer Tabs
- Adjustable heights from 17mm to 850mm
- UV stable and chemical resistant
- Provision for mechanical fixing if required
- Inbuilt safety locking mechanism
- Millimetric adjustment

- Provides a sustainable solution
- Easy access to waterproof membrane
- Allows for positive drainage and ventilation
- Reduces sound transmission and increases
   temperature insulation
- Conceals services such as plumbing and electrical
- Compensates for 0–5% fall
- Quick and easy installation
- Reduces weight on the structure by eliminating
   sand and cement mortar beds