Applications: Retaining walls, Basement and foundation walls, Roof gardens, Planter boxes, Podiums, Parquetry and Timber Floors

Protection Board
AUSDRAIN™ supplies a 3mm 500gsm corflute protection board that is widely used by waterproofers, builders and landscapers to protect waterproof membranes. The sheets are supplied in 1830x1220mm sizes. Protection board is a high impact resistant fluted thermoplastic sheeting that has excellent strength and damage resistance that is used to prevent damage from backfilling to waterproof membranes. It is often recommended for use in combination with the drainage cell to prevent abrasion from the plastic against the membrane. Often this is the case with liquid membranes as opposed to torch on membranes. AUSDRAIN™ Protection Board is made in Australia from polyproylene material which is inert and non-reactive to water, soils and chemicals. AUSDRAIN™ protection board is often also used to protect newly installed floor surfaces such as timber, tiles and marble during the construction period.