Applications: Lawns & Gardens, Toilet flushing, Laundry, Swimming pool refilling, Car washing

EnviroModule2 Rainwater Harvesting Tank - Residential
The AUSDRAINTM EnviroModule2 Tank offers a practical and cost effective solution for your underground water storage requirements. The collected water can be effectively reticulated for household purposes such as toilets, laundry, car washing, swimming pool and garden irrigation. The AUSDRAIN™ EnviroModule2 Tank System is the most cost-effective method of installing an underground rainwater tank replacing the need for unsightly above ground tanks that take up valuable land area. Due to the modular nature of the system, each tank can be supplied to specific dimensions and the required capacity to suit individual project requirements. In addition, you have the flexibility to vary the depth of the tank depending on ground conditions resulting in savings on excavation costs and avoiding water charged ground. As space is often an issue on residential projects, the Ausdrain EnviroModule2 extra duty modular tank has been designed for trafficable situations and can be installed under the driveway, allowing greater use of land area and design flexibility. The system can also be easily adapted to convert swimming pools into underground water storage tanks.

  1. Downpipe
  2. EnviroSump
  3. EnviroModule2 Rainwater Tank
  4. Infiltration or Detention Tank
  5. Waterproof Liner
  6. Geotextile Fabric
  7. Pump Suction Well
  8. Sand Backfill
  9. Overflow