Applications: Carparks, Commercial and Residential Driveways, Gardens and Courtyards

SQID Filtration
The SQID or Stormwater Quality Improvement Device is a pit insert for the primary treatment of stormwater at the source. The SQID is designed for use in carparks, commercial and residential driveways, gardens and courtyards. Applications are also appropriate in some high-density urban developments with medium requirements. The range of SQID inserts are manufactured from UV stabilised polyethylene and fitted with high grade stainless steel mesh screens. The SQID filters stormwater of all gross pollutants and waste, preventing these from entering underground water management tank systems, such as the Ausdrain EnviroModule2, tank and discharging to stormwater outlets. SQID filters can be retrofitted into existing surface stormwater pits or new installations. The insert can be positioned at the top of the pit under the grate to collect surface water or beneath the invert of the inlet pipe within the pit using an angle kit that bolts onto the inside of the pit at the required height. All models can be trimmed to suit various pit internal dimensions. SQID filters are cost-effective to supply and install, and are easily maintained over the life of the product due to their strength and durability. The requirement for SQID maintenance is “inspection after each major rain event” and removal of collected material if necessary. As the system is dry cell it is appropriate for the waste to be disposed to land fill. The available SQID models are 450 x 450 (40 litres per second), 600 x 600 (60 litres per second), 600 x 900 (80 litres per second) and 900 x 900 (140 litres per second).