Applications: Roads & Car Parks, Industrial Parks, Council Project Works, Commercial Projects, Sub-divisions, Rain Gardens

EnviroModule2 Bio-Remediation Tank
Stormwater flowing from roadways, carparks and pavement contain toxic and gross pollutants. Heavy metals such as zinc, copper and lead are deposited on our roadways and are washed into the stormwater drains with each rainfall. Other stormwater pollutants include nutrients from decaying organic matter, detergents and pathogens from animal waste. Without proper management this polluted water will end up in our oceans and waterways seriously impacting aquatic eco-systems. Gross Pollutant Traps (GPT’s) are effective in capturing solids such as litter, sediment and organic waste. However, in most cases it is not possible to treat stormwater for nutrients and heavy metals using such systems. A secondary stage of filtration is required based on treatment techniques used by other technologies such as constructed wetlands, sand filters and bio-retention systems. AUSDRAIN™ EnviroModules can be effectively used to create a secondary treatment system. This system has proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of stormwater run-off. During light to medium rainfall all stormwater is directed to the system for treatment. During large storms the system adequately treats the initial “first flush” runoff containing the major concentration of pollutants.The AUSDRAIN EnviroModule2 Bio-Remediation system has been effectively used to treat the run-off from roads and carparks when installed underneath a Rain Garden and has provided vital ecological and water quality benefits in environmentally sensitive areas.

  1. Vegetation
  2. Untreated stormwater 
  3. Inspection point
  4. Coarse washed river sand 
  5. Clean 7mm gravel
  6. EnviroModules 
  7. Geotextile fabric
  8. Clean stormwater