Applications: Basement walls, Underground carparks, Foundation walls, Retaining walls, Bridge abutments

AUSDRAINTM 30MM Walldrain Panels
The AUSDRAINTM 30mm Walldrain Panel is a rigid, high compressive strength drainage cell product that is perfect for basement and retaining wall applications. The panels are 1000mm x 1000mm and are pre-wrapped with filter fabric. This makes installation easy as there is little cutting required and also avoids unnecessary wastage as exact quantities can be ordered for each job. AUSDRAIN™ 30mm Walldrain Panels create a structural void between the wall and the back-fill protecting the waterproof membrane and providing incredible drainage efficiency. This eliminates the need for gravel as the primary back-fill material. The result is a continuous discharge of water preventing any water contact with the wall surface and avoiding damage from hydrostatic pressure. The high compressive strength of the panels withstands heavy compaction plus ground and structural movement.

  1. Basement or retaining wall
  2. Waterproof membrane
  3. Walldrain panels
  4. Filter pipe or Ag line
  5. Washed river sand
  6. Clean Backfill