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Our ongoing commitment is:
“to supplying and servicing the requirements of our customers by providing practical and cost-effective products and solutions for a sustainable future."

AUSDRAINTM specialises in the manufacture and distribution of drainage cell products and modular underground tank systems for rainwater harvesting and stormwater management. AUSDRAIN commenced manufacturing in 1998 with the launch of the first interlocking drainage cell product. Since then we have continued to expand our product range with applications for a vast number of stormwater and sub-surface drainage solutions. AUSDRAIN supplies a diverse range of projects in Australia and overseas including building and construction, landscaping, roads and civil works, tunnels, sports fields, race courses, councils, residential and commercial developments and sub-divisions.

AUSDRAIN is committed to the continued development of products and systems in the area of Environmental Stormwater Management and Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD). The AUSDRAIN EnviroModule2 Tank System has been widely accepted and implemented throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East. The ever increasing demand on our world’s water resources inspired the development of the EnviroModule2 rainwater harvesting system which continues to provide a cost-effective and practical low carbon footprint alternative to the construction of underground water storage and harvesting tanks.

As the Australian distributor for Dorken, AUSDRAIN can offer the best dimpled drainage sheet products available in the world for use in tunnel construction, civil works projects and vertical drainage applications for basements and retaining walls. AUSDRAIN is also the exclusive distributor for Buzon Pedestals in New South Wales and the ACT. The original and award winning Buzon Pedestal can be used with pavers, timber decking and steel grating to create raised floors on balconies, terraces, green roofs, internal floors and water features.

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